Setting Up txAdmin - old Game Panel

Let's set up txadmin on your new game server

  1. Go to the game panel

  2. Find the server you'd like to set txadmin up on

  3. Under the "Management" tab find "Allocations". You'll see a few ports listed. (Shown in picture below)

  1. Take a port number (that does not have the Primary on it) *

  2. Now under the "Configuration" Tab look for "Startup Parameters" and click on it

  3. Find the text box "txAdmin Port" and change it to your port (for this eg we will put 30168)

  4. Then under "Enable txadmin" change the 0 to a 1

  1. Once completed, it should look like the above.

  2. Head to the console and start your server.

When starting your server, you'll see the IP with the port and Pin appear, you can click on it and then set up your CFX Server.

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