Changing Your Version

Changing versions of minecraft

Sometime you'll need to change your version of minecraft, like 1.19.2 for a mod pack.. So let's see how we do that!


In your start-up tab you'll see a list of "Variables" so if you just want a minecraft version like 1.15.2 you'll put 1.15.2 in the text field like so

Then go to "settings" and reinstall!

Remmber if you have files you need to make a backup before reinstalling


Okay so let's say you want a exact version of Forge Minecraft, well lets look at the Forge File List there you'll see all available forge versions. For this demo, let's say we need Minecraft 1.18.2 forge version 40.1.92 you'll now go back to the Start-Up tab on the game panel and under "Forge Version" you put "1.18.2-40.1.92" like in the picture below

Back up any data on the server needed before reinstalling!

Now go to the settings tab and click reinstall. If you made a mistake, it will fail to install

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