Adding Dev/ Sub Users

Granting Permissions and Security Tips

Managing/ Developing a server can be a big task on your own, giving staff permissions can be a big help to you.

When configuring permissions in the game panel, we ask that you take to protect yourself and your server. Think about what that user needs and won't need plus what their day-to-day task is on the server.

NEVER grant someone all the permissions cause they say so.

Best Practice Tips

  • Make daily backups of your server and Lock them but don't grant the Update permission in "Backup"

  • Don't allow sub-users to create sub-users. This should be something you manage.

  • Delete Files Does that Sub-User really need to delete files? That means they will be able to delete ALL the files (which are non-recoverable).

At the end of the day please be careful of who you give access to your server and have regular backups to ensure no such incidents shall happen to your service(s).

At the end of everything the owner of the server is responsible for the data. Four Seasons Hosting will not be able to help with the recovery of data if any files are deleted or should the service is canceled or terminated.

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