🎮Game Server

My server needs a port for a map or a control panel

No problem! all servers come with 4 ports for free for that reason! Need to use a external map for your minecraft server, you can do it!

Do I need to Port Forward?

No, since were hosting the server for you all you do is connect and play!

Will my game server be protected?

Our hosting has 24/7 monitoring and anti-DDoS protection to ensure a secure, reliable gaming environment for you and your community.

How long does it take to set up my gaming host?

Once you have submitted payment, your gaming host will be set up and available within seconds.

Can I install mods and plugins?

Our game servers come with pre-installed scripts that allow you to install many popular mods, modpacks & plugins in one click without any game hosting knowledge required.

I thought I had unlimited space?

We do offer as much space/disk as your game server or code server will require! If you need more space/disk please just open a ticket with our support staff and they will take care of you :D

Minecraft FAQ

Can I run a modpack on my server?

Yes! 1000 times yes, you can install via the mod installer or upload it via SFTP.

Can I change player slots?

Yes, you can change them in server.properties file

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