Using Chunker to Convert Minecraft Worlds Across Editions


At Four Seasons Hosting, we understand that many of our customers enjoy creating and exploring Minecraft worlds across different editions and versions of the game. That's why we've introduced a seamless solution for world conversion using Chunker, a reliable web-based Minecraft world converter. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of using Chunker to effortlessly convert your Minecraft worlds.

Chunker Overview:

What is Chunker? Chunker is a user-friendly, web-based Minecraft world converter designed to simplify the conversion process between Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition. It's an external tool, not affiliated with Mojang/Microsoft, but it provides a convenient interface for our users to convert their worlds hassle-free.

Key Features:

  • Conversion of level settings

  • World data, including blocks, biomes, and tile entities

  • Multiple dimensions support

  • Conversion of containers and items

  • In-game maps compatibility

Important Note: It may break your world. Use at your own risk!

How to Use Chunker:

1. Uploading Your World:

Visit using your web browserโ€”no need for registration; sessions are completely anonymous. Select "Choose world folder" to upload the root folder of your Bedrock Edition or Java Edition world. Alternatively, use "Upload archive" to upload a zip or mcworld file. You can even drag and drop the files, and Chunker will detect the right mode.

2. Selecting Your Output:

After a successful upload, Chunker will present you with all available output options. Choose the edition and version that suits your needs.

3. Effortless Conversion:

Chunker processes the data and converts your world to the desired output. You can choose to instantly Convert & Download or explore Advanced Mode for additional customization.

4. Downloading Your World:

Once the conversion is complete, Chunker will notify you when your world is ready to download. If any errors occur, use the provided identifiers to report issues to the Chunker development team.

5. Sharing Your World:

If you wish to share your converted world, consider uploading it to a service like Mediafire, Onedrive, Mega and so on, especially if it's in Bedrock Edition format.


At Four Seasons Hosting, we've made Minecraft world conversion easy and accessible for our customers. Whether you're switching editions or exploring different versions, Chunker is here to streamline the process. Enjoy your freshly converted world and continue your Minecraft adventures with confidence!

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