Setting Up txAdmin

Let's set up txAdmin on your new game server

  1. Go to the Game Panel

  2. Find the server you'd like to set txAdmin up on

  3. Under the "Network" tab find the button labeled "CREATE ALLOCATION" as shown below

  1. Next, you will see a new port allocated to your server, you will grab the one that does not have the label "Primary" as that is your primary server port so leave that alone and the port you wanna grab will look like something below

  1. Then head over to the "Startup" tab and you will toggle txAdmin to on and change the txAdmin port to what you grabbed from the previous page It will look something as shown below

  1. To access your txAdmin panel you will type in your browser yourserverIP:txAdminport or it will be shown as well on startup in the console as shown below

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