Reduce Lag on ForgeMC server!

Enhancing multiplayer server performance often involves server-side only mods, minimizing impact on player experiences. These mods aim to improve efficiency without altering core mechanics or requiring player downloads. While they don't guarantee a lag-free experience, these mods can be valuable tools for server administrators. The following list highlights server-side only mods recognized for their potential to boost performance without disrupting gameplay.



Supported Versions

Simplified AI modification mod focused on performance and low-level modifications to AIs in the game. Picking up the slack for the base game and improving it for a modded ecosystem. Handling common problems such as too many animals, performance hits from swarms of zombies, and simple remove tasks skipped by larger AI improvement mods.


Canary is a general-purpose optimization mod and unofficial fork of the Fabric mod Lithium for Minecraft Forge. This mod aims to optimize the general performance of Minecraft(mob ai, physics, chunk loading, etc..) without changing any behavior.


FastFurnace utilizes mixins to edit the functionality of the Furnace, Blast Furnace, and Smoker, improving their TPS performance (not smelting speed!)


This is a mod aimed at improving performance of all crafting-related functions. It fixes the bug introduced in Minecraft 1.12 where shift-click crafting a stack of items could cause momentary freezes. However, it does slightly more than just fixing that issue.


FastSuite enables faster execution of recipe matching through the use of concurrency. For any recipe type with more than 100 recipes, FastSuite will enable Concurrent Recipe Matching, and use multiple threads to match all recipe combinations, instead of relying on a single thread to perform this work.


Krypton optimizes the Minecraft networking stack, meaning it mostly improves server performance with lots of clients, but is also required on the client.


A mod that fixes multiple memory leaks in Minecraft. Works in both Server and Client side!


ModernFix is an all-in-one mod that improves performance, reduces memory usage, and fixes many bugs in modern Minecraft versions (most versions including and above 1.16 are supported) without majorly compromising the game experience.


Holds shared code for use in my mods. Alone, this mod does nothing but register itself as a mod, hence the name.


Saturn is a free and open-source performance mod for Minecraft Forge designed to optimize Minecraft's memory usage, It works on both the client and server, and doesn't require the mod to be installed on both sides.


Boost Minecraft server performance with seamless patches and configurable optimizations for lag reduction without compromising gameplay.


Saves chunks continuously over time, reducing server lag and preventing lagspikes from saving too many chunks at once.


This mod reduces the memory usage of Minecraft in a few different ways.


Implementing these mods can contribute to a smoother server operation, but administrators should test and monitor performance based on their specific server setup and conditions.

Note: The version listed here might be outdated. Please refer to the mods official page.

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