Running Version 1.17 or below

So you want to run an older version of Minecraft? No worries, we understand mod packs don't get updated, or you want to relive the good old timesโ€ฆ

As minecraft grows, it used different versions of Java, meaning not all servers can run the new Java 17 as older minecraft versions do not have the "packages" built in to understand the new and updated code. When using an older version of minecraft and trying to boot on the game panel will result in a crash, meaning the version must be changed.

How To Change

Minecraft servers have Java Auto Detect built in to them, when booting the server the first time it will ask you what version you'd like to use.

If you have chosen the wrong version and need to change

  1. Turn the Server off

  2. Go to "File Manager" on the game panel

  3. Find the file named disable_prompt_for_java_version and delete it

  4. Start the game server and select the proper version

Java Version List

VersionJava Version

Forge / Fabric 1.16 and below

Java 8

- Vanilla 1.16 and below - Paper / spigot 1.16 and below - Bungeecord / Waterfall

Java 11

- Vanilla 1.17 and above - Paper / spigot 1.17 and above - Forge / Fabric 1.17 and above

Java 16

- Vanilla 1.18 and above - Paper / Spigot 1.18 and above - Forge / Fabric 1.18 and above

Java 17

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