Creating A Schedule

Creating a Schedule can allow you to set up auto restarts or auto backups!

Some games like Palworld (3-4 Hours) or Minecraft (Every 7 Hours) should restart to help reset the RAM/ Memory Usage.

  1. Let's start by going to the Game Panel and going to the Configuration Tab then Schedules

  1. Click Create, this will open a pop-up asking you to name the Task and configure the time.

  2. Name it as you wish, then we will enter 1 in the minute, then in the Hour box let's put */4, so the server will execute this every 4 hours.

  1. Click Submit, this will now bring you to the "Task List". Find "Create Task" at the top right and click it, bringing yet again another pop-up... here we can select our Action, Time Offset, and Payload.

  1. Once you've created the Task, you can hit the little x, and you'll see the list of Task(s) This will Auto Save

Congrats You've now created a Schedule for your server 😄🎉

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