Logging into your VPS (Windows)

How to login in to your new VPS

  • Your login details are sent via email please check your spam/junk folder.

  • If you just placed an order please allow around 5 miniutes for the VPS Panel Info to get to you

Before You can Log in into your VPS you will need to create your VPS, You can do that here

pageCreating Your VPS

Once your server is created you'll get an email with the Login details (will look like the one below) It will take about 1–5 minutes for you to get this email after you create it.

  1. On your PC search for Remote Desktop Connection and open it

  2. Fill out the details as so Computer: IPV4 | User name: user

  1. Click Connect on the bottom

When hitting connect you may be promoted, please allow and click "Do not remind me again"

You should now be connected to your VPS. If you are unable to connect please open a ticket with the support team.

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