Creating Your VPS

What to do

Here we will set up your new VPS together! On the new panel and go through some of the basics of the panel while setting up

1) Now we can see our server is "Awaiting Setup..." so let's click that big "Manage" button to start the set up of the VPS

2) In this GIF you can see that we named our server and set the hostname to "myserver.fsh"

3) Now we can install our Operating System (OS).

We recommend with any Linux install you use a SSH Key! it's not required but it's good practice for security of your server

4) Click on the Group of the OS you would like to use.. For this demo we will use Windows Server 2019.

Clicking on Advanced Options allows you to change your DNS (auto set to Google DNS) and Enable/Disable VNC, this can also be done afterwords on the Dashboard

4) Now let install the OS

Some OS like Windows could take some time installing you may see a popup warning you of this, you can click "Install Now" and continue the install

If deployer comes back with a failed task please open a ticket on our Discord or in the Client Portal

Once the installation is completed, you will be redirected to the Dash of that VPS server and the VPS login will be emailed to you (check junk folder)

pageLogging into your VPS (Windows)

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